Since Ben’s diagnosis in 2002, Steve has traveled to at least eighteen countries in search of potential therapies. Patients have come to rely on his efforts to sort through pioneering efforts throughout the world - - not as a scientist, but as a father, friend, advocate and self-styled researcher. The internet is both a friend and a demon to ALS patients and their families because it offers a plethora of relevant, legitimate and valuable information as well as a host of disreputable and illegal offers. ALS patients and their families are most susceptible to being duped because of the desperation that surrounds their lives.

In 2004, Ben and Steve found themselves in China, wanting more than anything to believe in the Beijing promise, only to be later devastated and disappointed. In Steve’s words, “I wish I could say that my efforts have been fruitful, that there are off shore clinics effectively minimizing the symptoms of ALS through embryonic or adult stem cell therapy. Instead, I will say that there are some fine neuroscientists steadfastly working to find solutions to the perplexing issues facing their US colleagues. And others who are motivated by greed and have no scientific basis for their claims.”

The recent April 18, 2010 CBS 60 MINUTES broadcast, “21st Century Snake Oil Salesmen” unmasked the fraudulent claims of Frank Morales and Lawrence Stowe, two con men posing as licensed physicians claiming to cure ALS through $125,000 of worthless vitamins, supplements and a bogus stem cell procedure.  Be sure to read the April 19 ALSWW newsletter for more information.

In depth information on many of the stem cell facilities worldwide is available on our publication, "A Patient's Path Through the Maze of Stem Cell Transplantation," which can be found on this website.



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